-={H}TeamSpeak 3 Info{H}=-

IP: headhunters.ts3.nfoservers.com
pwd: headhunters

-={H} Roster {H}=-

-={H}Member Roster{H}=-

{HH}DeadAssass|n deadassin
{HH}alpha! dethjake
{HH}ChoaDa choadao
{HH}TEDDYBEAR zhenyaklatt
{HH}Lb51oO hajabooja
{HH}PerFecTioN (Web Designer, Webhost Provider, CoLeader) xfire mrperfection2k4
{HH}Pvt-JoKeR (Server Provider/Admin) xfire pvtjoker42
{HH}TheHunTeR (Founder, Match Coordinator) xfire thehunter7
{HH}guHt xfire profesorkaos
{HH}Pasha|rus xfire pasha84
{HH}nsane xfire fuhq2mofo

-={H}The Retired Members{H}=-




Click Here if you want to see our OLD roster on Clanbase.

Requirements and Expectations for HH:

To be a part of this clan you need to have dedication. If you can't take time out of your week for a clan match/scrim, then your not the person for this clan. We participate in leagues and we are very competitive as a team.

We expect you to have a machine that works well with the game. The games we play will ask a lot from your PC, so we need players that aren't dragging us down from lack of up-to-date parts. We expect every member to keep in touch and keep everyone up to date on their location and availability. Every member is required to have a microphone and Ventrilo. We prefer the members to be over 18 years and older (We can make exceptions).

Head Hunters clan has been around for a long time and it means a lot to us. We like to keep a good reputation and have good fun. We like to keep it a family-like environment where we can all be accepted for who we are and do the things we love. Happy Fragging!